Participants share stories of their Way2Go experience

"Three months ago, I moved apartments and now have a car-free commute." - Jonathan F


Jonathan F

I moved here a little over a year ago and drove from my apartment in Whitehall to my previous job on West Morehead. When I changed jobs, and began working at Bank of America uptown, I started driving to the 485 Lynx station and riding in, cutting both my drive time and mileage. Three months ago, I moved apartments and now have a car-free commute. I'm originally from upstate SC where this sort of commute isn't possible, and I've been so impressed with how easy it has been here. I now think of how to utilize CATS or walk to get places before I consider driving.


Chelsey M

I've really enjoyed the clean commute challenge. I think what I've enjoyed most about my experience so far is the fact that walking to work each day has significantly reduced my stress in the morning. I don't have to worry about traffic and I feel so much more awake at the office. It's also had an impact on how I think about other commutes I make and I'm considering joining Charlotte B-cycle for smaller trips I make during the week near my apartment. 

Mark E

I like clean commuting because it gives me an opportunity to listen to podcasts and relax my mind before and after work.  It also provides light exercise and contributes to living more sustainably. 


I am very passionate about riding my 65X Express bus to work!  I’ve ridden the 65X Express bus for almost 5 years now and it has changed my life!  Not only do I save on gas and adding miles to my car, I am no longer stressed out from driving in traffic when I get to work or by the time I get home.  I just sit back and let my CATS bus driver deal with traffic!


Alexander B

I think this challenge is really great because people do need a little encouragement to convince them to try a cleaner commute. I think once you try transit or carpooling you see how easy and worthwhile it is. 

I think one overlooked advantage of transit is avoiding the stress of rush hour traffic. I can spend my commute reading, listening to music, or just looking out the window. It’s time in the morning to gather my thoughts before work and time in the afternoon to unwind and decompress.

Corey K

Going to Food Truck Friday in South End is even better when you walk from Uptown! By taking Tyron Street Bridge and the Greenway, you can work up an appetite and burn a few calories. If you want to hit up the EpiCentre after, take the Lightrail from East/West to CTC Station for a 1/5 the price of an Uber.


Krissy O

Having lived in much larger cities before moving to Charlotte, I have been commuting by public transit for many years. I deliberately chose to live in an area (South End) where I could continue to rely on public transit (light rail) for daily commuting. I now live in Plaza Midwood and continue to commute by public transit, now by bus. I am actually liking the bus even more than the light rail. I now have two opportunities per day to sit and read a book! For me, the Way2Go challenge has been an opportunity/reminder to use transit/bike/walk for other activities beyond commuting that I might otherwise use a car for – like running errands, going out with friends, etc.


Taylor D

I commute on a daily bases because I want to save the earth and keep the air clean. 


It’s been a great experience thus far!

Melanie T

I enjoy my walk commute to work. I get to look at all the new things being built around the city as well as enjoy our beautiful city. I try to walk different routes to take it all in! You don’t get to see things like that when you are driving since you go by so much faster J It takes me just as long to drive to work as it does to walk plus it saves me a TON of money not having to pay for parking. I have friends that live and work uptown and drive to work and to me that is just crazy!

Deidre S

The challenge, I was already in the midst of my completely disrupting my normal arduous trek to work in Charlotte traffic by dumping the pump and riding CATS. Along the way, I decided to begin incorporating my bike as a part of my commute because I was walking several miles a day and it was definitely making it more difficult to stick with the commitment. After I logged my first few trips, I quickly began to see that I had a very good chance of winning the challenge, as I utilize several "transfers" each day since I carpool, ride my bike and ride at least two buses or a bus and the train in order to get to work each day. I realize that most people won't be willing to make such a commitment as my commute runs around three hours a day, and unbelievably was as bad as around six hours one day this past week. However, my underlying commitment is actually to my health - which is why I'm refusing to return to my predominately one person commute - and for that, my waistline is quite thankful. In the midst of this challenge, I've realized just how much I truly enjoy riding my bike, so my husband and I intend to join one of the local mountain biking groups! Although, I must say that I have actually been quite surprised at the number of people that have inquired about what I'm doing and have told me that seeing me do this is inspiring them to also make a change - what an unexpected added bonus!

Denise D

I am lucky enough to work in the general area as my husband which makes carpooling even better. And to top it off I am earning points toward extra vacation hours.


 Sonya B

My experience in the Clean Commute Challenge has been great! A real eye opener! We always hear about the necessity of saving our planet and methods to do so, and this challenge has presented me with a quick, simple approach to focus my efforts on. I love that I can log my trip and see the positive impact that I made for Charlotte and myself immediately- the CO2 and money I saved, how many calories I burned, etc.  This challenge has shown me how easy it is to participate in sustainable practices, and has motivated me to continue to commute clean even after that challenge is over.

John C

I commute to work only by bicycle since moving to a home close to uptown. Not having to pay for parking and the relaxation of the ride are great motivators to keep riding.

Philip S

Given the growing congestion here in Charlotte, I see huge benefits of using the lightrail when going into my office uptown, or taking advantage of working from home. It is nice to not deal with the frustration of sitting in traffic and the increasing cost of convenient parking. I am able to save money and have a less stressful commute, while getting in a bit of exercise too! Adding in the environmental impact, it's a win-win-win!


Amy N

Realized the importance of carpooling and the distance I live from work. I am considering moving closer to the city so that my commute is shorter and now carpool every day to work.

Jill B

Carpooling with my husband has provided us with more time to be together. It is a nice way to both begin and end our workdays.

 Aleksandra B

I now bike to and from work on daily basis. I found that it is a wonderful way to clear my mind before the start of busy work day and a good way to decompress after work. On top of that, I am getting my 30-minutes of exercise as part of my round-trip commute and it energizes me for the day! It's a win-win. Majority of my trip is on the rail trail. The access to this safe to safe bike infrastructure.


I've always loved public transportation because you see the heart of the city. The people you see, the streets you would have not driven down. I hope I can share that passion with my kids. We arrived 20 minutes early for story time in this picture because we took the bus. Had we driven we could have not enjoyed the beautiful courtyard while we ate our apple slices and heard the church bells ring.



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