Land Use

Coordinating land use, transportation planning, and development is critical to sustainable development and quality of life. Land use decisions can profoundly affect virtually every dimension of sustainability, including the affordability, safety, and convenience of transportation.

Land Use Updates

Land Use Facts

  • In 2014, the Charlotte metro area was ranked as the fifth most sprawling large metro area in the US
  • In peer-reviewed research, sprawl has been linked to physical inactivity, obesity, traffic fatalities, poor air quality, residential energy use, emergency response times, teenage driving, lack of social capital and private-vehicle commute distances and times.
  • Stormwater runoff from parking lots, roads, bridges, and other impervious surfaces is a major cause of urban stream erosion and pollution.
  • Transit-oriented development, or TOD, is a type of community development that includes a mixture of housing, office, retail and/or other amenities integrated into a walkable neighborhood and located within a half-mile of quality public transportation


Birkdale Village is an example of a walkable community.


Land Use Resources


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