The Only Way to Roll - Story by Integra Architecture

(by Alex Diaz, Integra Architecture, a Way2Go CLT sponsor)

Whaaaaat? Are you serious? What are we waiting for, then?

That was our collective reaction at Integra Architecture when Shannon Binns and Meg Fencil revealed the stunning numbers during the press launch of Sustain Charlotte’s far-reaching Way2Go CLT initiative March 1st.


Sustainable mobility strengthens urban places and businesses. (Photo: Howl at the Moon)

A full 76.6% of Charlotteans would like to walk more, while 50.7% would like to bike more, and 63.5% would like to drive less. The large number who already live near a public transit stop, 56%, suggests that more of them, than do today, would use mass transit.

Average this out, and we’re looking at roughly 60% of the city’s population who would adopt sustainable mobility practices. But only 7.2% currently do. What an enormous opportunity! Filling it is what Way2Go CLT is all about, by making it easy and affordable to walk, bike, use transit and carpool. And it is the reason we decided to sponsor the initiative “at hello”.

As a design firm focused on the sustainable design of buildings and urban placemaking, we live the centrality of mobility in just about everything we do. Integrating sustainable mobility into design in ways that minimize single-occupancy driving makes for more creative and more modern living and work environments, enriches urban places, enhances the motivation and productivity of our clients’ employees, and enhances results in other ways.

Way2Go CLT should be embraced — at hello! — by every business as a big life-enhancer for their employees, and by every neighborhood business that stands to gain from the higher sales that have been proven time and again to accompany sustainable mobility wherever it is tried.

Thanks to Sustain Charlotte, we are now trying it in the Queen City, with the utmost confidence that the practice is here for the long haul.


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