Buses provide affordable, flexible, and convenient transportation to both suburban and urban destinations. A robust bus network supports and complements rail, bicycle, and pedestrian infrastructure.

Bus Updates

  • Well planned bus routes are a critical element of the Charlotte region's 2030 Transit Corridor System Plan. Plans for changes to current bus routes and addition of new routes are being made alongside plans for rail projects.

Bus Facts

  • Buses are a highly flexible mode of transportation. They can be used in areas where rail is unfeasible or cost-prohibitive.
  • The National Safety Council estimates that riding the bus is over 170 times safer than automobile travel.
  • Many modern buses run on alternative fuels and offer a significant carbon savings compared to previous models.
  • Most modern buses have a low-floor design and optionally also 'kneel' air suspension with have electrically or hydraulically extended under-floor ramps to provide level access for wheelchair users and people with baby carriages. Prior to more general use of such technology, these wheelchair users could only use specialist paratransit mobility buses.


The SPRINTER is one of CATS's hybrid electric buses and offers fast and convenient travel to CLT Airport.

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