The Challenge Way2Go CLT

$360 billion

That’s the unsustainable and avoidable global cost of car commuting, including costs to consumers and cities. And that’s not even counting:

  • Trillions needed for car-related infrastructure improvements
  • Health costs of pollution and lack of exercise
  • Productivity loss to companies due to staff downtime and stress
  • Social costs of segregation and isolation
  • The cost of one-person driving is simply too high, so let’s change the game.

On the other hand, the benefits of sustainable mobility are HUGE!

  • Savings: gas, maintenance, more
  • Health: vitality, weight, disease
  • Community: meet & enjoy people
  • Time: read, work, browse, paint
  • Carbon: 1 pound for every 1 mile

For commuting, errands and EVERY transportation need, sustainable mobility has become a global trend because it’s a better lifestyle choice. And now, it’s coming to Charlotte.

This is it. Charlotte is ready to shift gears. The sustainable mobility lifestyle is ready to roll. Let’s do this!


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